About Data Science in Oregon

Oregon Data Science Initiative's Hub and Spoke model

University of Oregon's Presidential Initiative in Data Science

Data science is transforming society and scholarship within universities, including the UO. Faculty and students across campus have independently undertaken diverse data science activities over the years. This initiative is integrating, enhancing, and expanding these activities into a university-wide program.

Bill Cresko, founding director of the UO's Data Science Program, and faculty leaders from across campus are working to build research and educational components in areas such as:

  • Environmental big data
  • Business analytics
  • Biomedical data science
  • Data science of social interactions and social impacts

Other areas will evolve organically as the program grows. Faculty interested in getting involved with the Data Science Program should email datascience@uoregon.edu.

Oregon Data Science Program Model

The Oregon Data Science Program will build on the UO's long history as a liberal arts research university with a strong culture of interdisciplinary collaboration. It will function as an ecosystem of many interacting and interconnecting components, both within and outside of the university. This 'hub-and-spoke' model will include:

  • Methodological hub - The 'hub' contains research and educational expertise for the implementation of data science. This will include data collection, database creation and curation, and statistical and computational analysis. In addition, several aspects of design, communication, ethics and law will make up components of the core.
  • Domain spokes - These are areas of research and education focused on a particular field. Faculty may gather large amounts of data and use advanced analytic tools that are common to those in the hub, but their primary research and educational focus will be their primary area of expertise.
  • Ring of connectivity - By increasing connectivity between the UO, other academic institutions, government agencies, and industry partners, the Oregon Data Science Initiative allows the UO to have greater impacts on the world.

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