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Tomorrow’s Data Scientists


At the UO, we provide you with core knowledge in data science techniques and help you apply them to things you are interested in. So not only are you learning about data, but you’re learning about fields like biology, business and marketing analytics, linguistics, or geography. This year, we welcomed nearly 50 students into the UO’s first cohort of data science majors. Here, you can get to know a few of them. 


rudira madala
Rudira Madala

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Data Science Domain Area: Biology
Career Ambition: Biological Science/Business Data Scientist

"I chose Data Science at the University of Oregon because organizations and scientists use data to inform big decisions about research, consumer behavior, and internal operations. The UO's program gives me the flexibility to explore my domain focus and pursue a second major all while completing my data science degree."



Lindsey Uribe

Hometown: Grants Pass, Oregon
Data Science Domain Area: Biology
Career Ambition: Genetic Research

"My work in the University of Oregon’s Data Science program excites me because I know I’ll come out of this program with the tools and the skills I need to be a valuable resource on almost any team, anywhere in the world.

I chose Data Science at the UO because it was the first program of its kind anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. There’s nothing like it elsewhere in Oregon."


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Will Skinner

Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Undergraduate Studies: Chemistry, Troy University (2015)
Knight Campus Program: PhD Bioengineering
Affiliated Lab: Dr. Keat Ghee Ong

"Having experienced some graduate training at a different but related facility already, I would say that the Knight Campus feels unique in its approach to helping students chart a course for their PhD that is heavily influenced by our aspirations and career goals. The manner in which the Knight Campus helped us focus and hone our goals early and prepared us to 'hit the ground running' really sets it apart from other programs. I particularly enjoy research engineering. Discovering the most efficient and powerful ways to apply newly developed technologies and tailoring these systems to suit the needs of the greater community is fulfilling."

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sophia somerskales
Sophia Somerscales

Hometown: Wilsonville, Oregon
Data Science Domain Area: Geography
Career Ambition: Work with satellite image data to track and predict changes in the environment

"I chose Data Science at the University of Oregon because it allows me to combine my technical skills in computing and mathematics with my passion for solving environmental issues and driving social equity."