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Tomorrow’s Data Scientists


At the UO, we provide you with core knowledge in data science techniques and help you apply them to things you are interested in. So not only are you learning about data, but you’re learning about fields like biology, business and marketing analytics, linguistics, or geography. This year, we welcomed nearly 50 students into the UO’s first cohort of data science majors. Here, you can get to know a few of them. 


Michel Kasday

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Data Science Domain Area: Undecided
Career Ambition: Situational and risk analysis modeling

"When I started college in the 1990s, I knew that I wanted to pursue a degree in computer science. But I wanted to do more than networking or software development. Eventually, I left school and served for 20 years in the Air Force. Although I was trained to be a flight engineer and jet engine mechanic, my computer experience and skills predicting in-flight aircraft performance were repurposed to develop simple analytical tools to help leaders make data-driven decisions.

After retiring from the Air Force, I chose to return to college and attend the UO. During my first term, I found out that UO was one of the first universities in the northwest to offer a new data science major. At last, I had found the degree that applied computer science in a way that met the needs I’d experienced first-hand in the military. In short, it was providence.

In the future, I hope to be involved with an organization that values the skills I will develop here, at the UO, such as the ability to provide situational analysis and awareness to make positive change socially, environmentally, or even politically."


rudira madala
Rudira Madala

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Data Science Domain Area: Biology
Career Ambition: Biological Science/Business Data Scientist

"I chose Data Science at the University of Oregon because organizations and scientists use data to inform big decisions about research, consumer behavior, and internal operations. The UO's program gives me the flexibility to explore my domain focus and pursue a second major all while completing my data science degree."



lindsey ulribe
Lindsey Uribe

Hometown: Grants Pass, Oregon
Data Science Domain Area: Biology
Career Ambition: Genetic Research

"My work in the University of Oregon’s Data Science program excites me because I know I’ll come out of this program with the tools and the skills I need to be a valuable resource on almost any team, anywhere in the world.

I chose Data Science at the UO because it was the first program of its kind anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. There’s nothing like it elsewhere in Oregon."


sophia somerskales
Sophia Somerscales

Hometown: Wilsonville, Oregon
Data Science Domain Area: Geography
Career Ambition: Work with satellite image data to track and predict changes in the environment

"I chose Data Science at the University of Oregon because it allows me to combine my technical skills in computing and mathematics with my passion for solving environmental issues and driving social equity."