Degree Requirements

Students majoring in data science must complete a series of foundational lower-division courses their first year, followed by introductory domain area courses their second year, and more advanced and specialized courses in their third and fourth years.

Sample Schedules

Data Science Core Courses

course title quarter offered Prerequisites
DSCI 101 Foundations of Data Science I Winter None
DSCI 102 Foundations of Data Science II Spring DSCI 101
DSCI 311 Principles and Techniques of Data Science Fall DSCI 102, CIS 211, MATH 252, MATH 342
DSCI 345 Probability and Statistics for Data Science Fall DSCI 102, CIS 212, MATH 252, MATH 342
DSCI 372 Machine Learning for Data Science Winter DSCI 345

Data Science Capstone

For some domains DSCI 411 may be taken in place of one of the four electives by students with a GPA of at least 3.75 over all in all data science degree courses. See specific domain pages for more details. 

Course Title Quarter Offered Prerequisites
DSCI 411 Data Science Capstone Project N/A N/A

Mathematics Courses

course title quarter offered*
MATH 251 Calculus I Fall, Winter
MATH 252 Calculus II Winter, Spring
MATH 341 Elementary Linear Algebra I Fall, Winter
MATH 342 Elementary Linear Algebra II Winter, Spring

Computer Science Courses

course title quarter offered*
CIS 210 Computer Science I Fall, Winter
CIS 211 Computer Science II Winter, Spring
CIS 212 Computer Science III Fall, Spring

Ethics Course

course title quarter offered*

PHIL 223

Data Ethics Spring

*Course schedules are subject to change.

Computational and Inferential Depth

Select three courses from the below list:

course title
CIS 313 Intermediate Data Structures
CIS 314 Computer Organization
CIS 322 Introduction to Software Engineering
CIS 333 Applied Cryptography
CIS 451 Intro to Databases
CIS 315 Intermediate Algorithms
CIS 330 C/C++ & Unix
CIS 410vis Visualization
CIS 415 Operating Systems
CIS 432 Intro to Internet
CIS 434 Distributed Systems and Network Security
CIS 425 Programming Languages
CIS 422 Software Engineering
CIS 471 Intro to AI

Domain Areas

Requirements include two to three courses from the domain core and four courses from the domain electives. See domain pages for more information.