Music Technology


Domain Requirements 

You will take three music technology domain core courses and four courses from the electives menu.  

Music Technology Core Courses (all three required)

course title quarter offered*
MUS 227 Elements of Electronic Music Winter, Spring
MUS 447 Digital Audio and Sound Design Fall, Winter, Spring
MUS 470 History of Electroacoustic Music Fall

Music Technology Electives (choose two in addition to MUS 448 & MUS 479)

course title quarter offered*
MUS 448 Interactive Media Performance (required) Fall
MUS 479 Data Sonification (required) Winter
MUS 360 Hip-Hop Music: History, Culture, Aesthetics Fall, Winter
MUS 445 Electronic Composition Fall, Winter, Spring
MUS 476 Digital Audio Workstation Techniques I Fall
MUS 483 Audio Effects Theory and Design  Fall

*Course schedules are subject to change.